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    iCalendar Gadget includes three different views for listing contacts, events and appointments.
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    You can also specify a default set of agents and/or access points at the business process level.
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    Blog Description:

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    The application was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 Express Edition. The functionality was tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2. It is not tested under Windows Server 2003.
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    Source: 10 Best Gaming PCs Under $1500

    The AMD Vega 56 appears to be the most efficient GPU AMD has to offer right now, offering 39% more performance (on average) than the VEGA 56.
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    A small price to pay, considering the ugly truth behind most FTP clients. Want to transfer files to and from Amazon S3? That’s not very hard in FileZilla.

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    It also adds a menu that can be accessed with Alt + F4 key combination.
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